What a roller coaster ride we have been on the past 12 months.  We are nearing the 1 year anniversary of our 14 day quarantine and the meme’s are flying around social media!

2020 was a hard year for many.  We had some difficult, challenging moments this past year as well.  But the year also held a lot of GOOD.  And I am doing my darndest to focus in on everything positive that has happened in my life this past year.  If we can’t look on the positive side of life, it becomes really difficult to keep your head above water when things get really rough.


This past year was the first real opportunity I’ve had in a long time to truly and legitimately slow down.  If you know me you know nine times out of ten I’ve got about 30 different irons in the fire burning away itching to get dealt with.  Along with this comes late nights, early mornings, and a snappy, edgy little blonde person from time to time.  I appreciated the deep breath the world around me seemed to take, and it allowed me to take a deep breath too.  I began to see the value in taking time out for you, and stopped allowing negativity from others invade my head space.

While horse show season carried on the best it was able to given the state of covid restrictions at any given time, I sat many of them out.  My full-time job didn’t allow the flexibility to attend as many as I have in years passed, and honestly, If I’m at EVERY show…  the photos don’t seem as “special” anymore.  In only booking the bigger events, and the LAE’s, my work became more sought after. This increased my sales while decreasing my “seat time”, and that proved to be extremely beneficial!

This was my second year contracted to be the official show photographer at the Canadian Spectacular Limited Aged Event held each September.  (See the images here!) I took a total chance and invited a fellow photographer from the Lower mainland over to shoot this show along side me.  I had been following her work since spring, and loved her ‘cowboy candid’ style of shooting events. 

Some people called me crazy.  I mean who invites someone they’ve never (knowingly) met before to come shoot a show AND stay in your cramped living quarters trailer with you, your 3 dogs, AND her dog?  For 4 days?  Me.  I did that.  And I am so flippin’ glad that I did.  Our styles meshed together perfectly, and I now consider her a very dear friend.  So if you haven’t already checked out Copper Wire Images….  Get on it.  You’ll be so glad you did.  And I can’t WAIT to shoot this show again this year!  Fingers are crossed Jess joins me again…

image credit Copper Wire Images

2020 was also set to be my FIRST year contracted to shoot the Black Elk Cutting Classic in Ponoka.  Sadly, due to covid restrictions, the Spring Black Elk show was cancelled.  But the Fall Black Elk show was able to proceed as planned, and what an experience that was for me!  You can see the images captured here! This show signified big things for me.  It was my first event to hire a staff to work with me.  And that has probably been one of the most valuable things I have ever done for my business.  Learning to delegate tasks, and TRUST others around me, was a huge learning curve, but also the biggest step in the right direction!  I hired a second shooter to shoot the jackpot cutting pen, as well as a sales person to run my booth, assist people with viewing their images, and sort through the massive number of images taken each set. 

While we had a few little hiccups, I am so excited to say I will be BACK!  I have been contracted to shoot Black Elk Spring 2021, baring covid restrictions, of course.

There were many other positive bits about 2020, but I don’t need to bore you any longer with all the little things.  We’re already 2 months in to 2021 and the challenging situations are already flying.  Some are hard, some are easy, and I’m determined the make this one hell of a year. And no matter what, focus on the good.