Dear June, Are we done yet?

Dear July…. Come on in, Sit on down, and Shut the F*uck up. June gave us more than enough trouble and there for I expect NONE out of you! But in all seriousness, while our outside world seemed to be in utter turmoil between COVID-19, Fights against Racism, Riots in the US, and more, I’ve […]

Showing My Gratitude

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This is the shit you see in movies. Right? Watching a global pandemic threaten the entire world. What a strange and scary time we currently live in. We’re all currently holed up at home doing our best to self isolate and socially distance ourselves from others when it is mandatory that we step out into the world in an attempt to prevent the spread and ‘flatten the curve’

Unintentional Intent

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It’ll never happen. That was how I felt about being a professional photographer for years. I didn’t even want to try. “It’s just something I do for fun in my spare time” I’d always say. “I have no intention of ever doing this professionally full time”. It may have taken a handful of years for me to convince myself otherwise, but we all end up where we are meant to be eventually, right? As unintentional as it may have been.